Catch Cup Pokémon GO Rankings for November 2023

You’ve been waiting for this all year (2023) – the Catch Cup is back in Pokémon GO for November! Whether you’re a veteran trainer or just getting started, the Catch Cup is your chance to battle using Pokémon caught this season. The meta is wide open since anything goes as long as you catch it after November 1st 2023.

Now’s the time to start planning your team and hunting for hidden gems to give you an edge. Between Community Days, events, and nest changes, there are lots of Pokémon to catch and choose from. Don’t worry about maxing out your catches or finding perfect IVs – with the right team and strategy, any Pokémon has a chance to shine in the Catch Cup.

Get ready to battle with your latest catches, discover your new favourite Pokémon, and climb the ranks for amazing rewards. The Catch Cup is your opportunity to get creative, change up your battle style, and reign supreme against other trainers putting their recent catches to the test. Start catching, start training, and get set to make a splash in the November Catch Cup! The competition is heating up – are you ready to catch ‘em all and win it all?

Catch Cup Rules and Meta for November 2023

The Catch Cup competition in Pokémon GO is making a comeback for November 2023! To prepare, here are the key rules and top meta picks you need to know:

The format is Great League, so Pokémon up to 1500 CP are eligible. Legendary and Mythical Pokémon are banned, as are the top performers from previous Catch Cups. Stock up on Poké Balls – you can only use Pokémon you’ve caught since the start of the competition!

According to PvPoke rankings, some of the best picks are:

-Vigoroth: This bulky normal type has great coverage moves like Body Slam and Bulldoze.

-Haunter: A glassy but hard-hitting Ghost that spams Shadow Punches and Shadow Balls.

-Azumarill: If you’re lucky enough to hatch or catch one, Azumarill’s tackiness and Bubble/Ice Beam moveset dominate.

-Skarmory: The steel bird is always a top flyer in limited formats. Look for Sky Attack and Flash Cannon.

-Altaria: The cotton bird pairs Dragon Breath with Sky Attack and Moonblast for serious damage.

Study the rules, build your team, and get catching! The Catch Cup awaits in November. With the right picks and strategy, you can reign victorious.

Ranking the Top Pokemon for the Catch Cup According to PvPoke

If you want to dominate the Catch Cup meta, you’ll need to know which Pokémon rank at the top. According to PvPoke, here are the best of the best to focus on:

Azumarill, the bulky water bunny, tops the list. With its low catch rate, Azumarill will be a rare but powerful option. Next up, Scrafty, the hoodlum lizard, ranks high with Foul Play and Power-Up Punch.

Other highly-ranked Pokémon include Hypno, Drifblim, and Primeape. Hypno can put opponents to Sleep while Drifblim’s moves hit hard. The pig monkey Primeape also packs a punch with Close Combat.

Some hidden gems include Haunter, Dusclops, and Hitmonchan. Haunter brings Shadow Punch and Sludge Bomb. Dusclops traps foes with Fire Punch and Ice Punch. And Hitmonchan throws Thunder Punch and Ice Punch.

To round out your team, consider fighters like Machamp, ghosts like Gengar, or the pink balloon Jigglypuff. With the right lineup, you’ll climb to the top of the Catch Cup leaderboards in no time. Study those rankings, build the best squad you can, and get ready to battle! The Catch Cup awaits.

Hidden Gems and Spice Picks to Try in the Catch Cup Meta

Hidden Gems and Spice Picks to Try in the Catch Cup Meta

As the Catch Cup meta develops, certain Pokémon may emerge as “hidden gems”—unexpected picks that can take opponents by surprise. Some spicy options to consider include:

  • Drapion: With Poison Jab, Aqua Tail and Crunch, Drapion can pressure common picks like Azumarill and Medicham. Aqua Tail also hits Tropius for super-effective damage.
  • Munchlax: Body Slam, Bulldoze and Grass Knot give Munchlax useful coverage. Grass Knot in particular can one-shot unsuspecting Quagsire and Swampert.
  • Zangoose: Counter, Close Combat and Night Slash make Zangoose a formidable fighter that can stand up to Normal types. Close Combat demolishes Probopass and Bastiodon.
  • Pelipper: Air Slash, Weather Ball and Hurricane give Pelipper strong moves, and its Flying typing resists Fighting moves from Medicham and Toxicroak. Weather Ball also gets STAB in the rain.

Trying out some unexpected picks like these in your Catch Cup team may allow you to gain an edge against opponents who are overly reliant on the established meta. With the right team composition and practice, these spicy picks could become your secret weapons!

Catch cup Pokemon Go rankings

November’s Catch Cup in Pokémon GO is shaping up to have an exciting meta. Some Pokémon are poised to dominate the rankings and really shine in this cup.


This round little Pokémon is always a threat in limited cups. With its bulky stats and useful resistances, Azumarill can tank hits for days while whittling down opponents with Bubble and Ice Beam or Hydro Pump.


The steel bird is another sturdy option that counters popular choices like Azumarill. Air Slash and Sky Attack make quick work of most opponents, and Skarmory’s flying typing gives it useful resistance.

Alolan Marowak

A-Marowak is a unique fire type that can also pack a ghostly punch. Hex and Shadow Ball hit hard, and it resists moves from normal types. Bone Club also lets it threaten steel types like Skarmory.


The rare mythical Mew is always an unpredictable option thanks to its huge move pool. Mew can learn moves like Surf, Wild Charge, and Flamethrower to hit almost anything for at least neutral damage. You’ll have to be clever with shield baiting, but Mew is worth the effort.

With these Pokémon in your team, you’ll be well on your way to climbing the ranks in November’s Catch Cup. But don’t forget other possibilities like Alolan Raichu, Haunter, or Galvantula, which could also make great hidden gems for your squad. Get out there and catch ‘em all!

catch cup Pokemon go meta

The catch cup meta for November’s Pokémon GO Cup is shaping up to be an exciting one. Some Pokémon are already looking like top contenders based on simulations, while others are poised to be great hidden gems.

Top Contenders

According to PvPoke rankings, Pokémon like Azumarill, Skarmory, and Altaria will likely dominate the meta. Their bulk, low-cost charge moves, and threatening charge moves make them a force to be reckoned with. You’ll want at least one of these on your team.

Hidden Gems

Keep an eye out for hidden gems like Wigglytuff, Clefable and Whiscash. With their typing and move sets, they can counter popular picks like Azumarill and Skarmory. Whiscash in particular also beats Altaria and can surprise unprepared opponents. These off-meta picks might just be your secret weapon!

To prepare for November’s Cup, start powering up and double-moving recommended Pokémon now. Study matchups and team compositions on PvPoke to get familiar with the meta. Try out different teams on Pokémon battle simulators to find one that suits your playstyle. With the right preparation and team, you’ll dominate the Catch Cup meta in no time!

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to prepare you for the Catch Cup. With the meta shaping up as it is, you’ll want to focus on building a team with a solid defence against the likes of Wigglytuff, Munchlax, and Bronzor. But don’t forget about some of the underrated picks we mentioned; Pokemon like Golbat, Tentacool, and Gastly can catch your opponents by surprise and swing a match in your favour. Study the rankings, practice your matchups, and you’ll be well on your way to earning some sweet rewards and ranking up when the Catch Cup arrives in November. Time to get out there and catch ‘em all – good luck!

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